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Slat Wall Panel System Accessories Are Manufactured in Powder Coated-mild Steel(Ms). Slat Wall Panel Made Up of Mdf (Pre-laminated Medium Density Fiberboard ) Standard Size 18mm. A High-quality Aluminum Slat Wall Puts Your Walls to Work. They Are Laminated From an Array of Substrates to Give the Retail Space the Desired Look. Slat Wall Panels Create a Smart Looking and Bespoke Display in Your Retail Space. We Can Provide Customized Slat Walls to Help You Launch New Products. Easy Customization in Minutes With Optional Slat Wall Accessories.

Inspace Store We Manufacturing Slat Walls in Different Colors and Sizes as Your Needs. We Have Lot Collection of Shelves and Brackets. Fits for Textile Shops, Mobile Stores, Shoe Shops, Boutique, Interior for Stores, Pharmacy, Shop Fittings. Slat Wall Panels Have Been Utilized in the Retail Industry for Wall Coverings and Product Displays for Years. The Slat Wall Panel’s Grooves Allow for Quick and Easy Movement of Slat Wall Display Shelves, Slat Wall Display Hooks, Slat Wall Fixtures, and Acrylic Displays.

Slat Wall Panels Have Become the Store Fixture Industry’s Most Commonly Used Wall Display System. Slat Wall & Accessories Rack is One of the Most Suitable Store Fixtures in All Types of Retail Stores. All of Our Slat Wall Fixtures Are Versatile Displays Capable of Display a Variety of Different Products.