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Inspace Has Always Believed in the Future of the Shopping Experience. As a Globally Active Partner for the Retail Sector, Inspace Has Been Developing Innovative Products and Systems for Decades. Inspace’s Shopfitting Systems for Walls, Ceilings and Mid-floor Areas Provide a Solution for Every Need and Can Be Continually Reconfigured With a Wide Range of Merchandise Supports. Powered Systems Facilitate the Use of Monitors, Back-lit Signs and Electronic Price Tags. Yet Above All, They Make It Possible to Enrich the Customer Journey With Digital Elements. All of Insapce’s Systems Are Available in Individualized Colors and Custom Sizes and Can Be Delivered Worldwide Thanks to a Comprehensive Logistics Network.

Inspace Bridges Old and New by Creating Furniture, Lighting and Interior Objects With Timeless Appeal. From Reissuing Design Icons to Creating Future Classics That Combines Craftsmanship With Creativity and Shapes Carefully Considered Pieces With Purpose and Meaning. Always Respectfully. Always Made to Last.

Our Products

Single Slot System (Sleek 10)

Double Slot System (Twin 30)

Vertical Support System (Pole 30)

Vertical Support System (Beam 40)

Surface Support System (Grid 75)

Modular Structural System (Frame 42)

Wall Panel System (Slatwall 18)

Wall Panel System (Panel 18)

Wall Panel System (Panel 12)

Center Display System (Stand 25)


Display Table

Cashier Table

Closed Wall System

Trial Room

Supermarket Rack

Get Things Done In Just Six Steps


2.Measurement & Layout

3.Designing & Approval

4.Factory Production


6.Assembly & Fitting

Inspace Stores Manufacture a Variety of Shopfitting Systems With a Modular and Functional Design.Thanks to Our Technical Team Our Shopfitting System Are Quickly Assembled and Easy to Use.Our Infrastructure Capability, Professionally Qualified and Dedicated Staff-management, Has Bought Us a Long Way by Which We Built Our Expertise in Retail Fixtures and Shop Fitting Fashion Accessories.

We Create an Environment for Your Brand to Live in. Our Products Cover a Wide Range of Shopfitting & Retail Display Racks as Well.Our Shop Fittings Are the Top Quality and Cost-effective and One-stop Solution for All Needs in Retail Fixtures.We Are Making Effort to Work Closely With Our Customers at Every Stage of the Product Development Process Which Has Allowed Us to Work With Some of Our Main Customers in a Long-term Relationship by Providing Customers Solutions to Adapt to Ever Changing Market.

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