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Single Slot Channel System.1Single Slot Channel System.2


Single slot channels are manufactured in stainless steel(SS) and powder coated-mild steel(MS).Standard size of 10x12mm, MS 2mm thick ‘C’ channel. Inspace store offer a huge range of products in slotted channels.Ideal for showcasing your product that require such as clothing and bracket arrangement is mainly used for product display mostly used at garment fashion stores,office, shelving racks.

This accessories offer great value for money because its very quick and easy to install. It gives a stylish look to your Store fittings. It suitable for use with brackets for glass shelving and lot variety of fixtures for front & side hangings.Stepped arm &water fall arm used to display a garment face front with very high quality raw material that can be fixed to wall up right or on a cross bar.

Water fall arm provides multiple ball stops for storing and displaying your items,great for use in retail & home environments.