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Mesh Structural System Are Manufactured in Powder Coated-mild Steel(Ms). Standard Size of 40x 20mm Ms 2 Mm Thick Rectangular Pipe and 6 Mm Dia, Ms Rod. Holders and Accessories Are Highly Flexible and Versatile Way of Creating Unique Wall and Popular to Put Together Temporary Displays at Events Using by Grid Walls.

Used for Sports Shop Displays, clothing Shops, bag Shops, for Modern Look. Grid Wall is Incredibly Light – It is Basically a Grid That You Can Attach Holders to – Therefore, if You’ve Got Walls That Won’t Hold Anything Stronger, It’s a Great Choice – Remember to Calculate the Weight of Your Other Fittings and Your Products.
It’s Also One of the Most Creative Solutions to Shelving.

It Can Be Arranged in All Manner of Shapes, if You Have the Floor Space, and Can Be Used on a Plinth or Stand to Create an Eye-catching Display. It Attaches Easily Too – Either With Custom Made Brackets, or by Simple Ties. and It Can Be Covered or Uncovered, Depending on Your Requirements. It Can Even Be Used Behind Wooden or Metal Shelves, for More Options When Hanging, or Simply as a Decorative Touch.