Wall fixing panel system accessories are manufactured in stainless steel(SS) and powder coated-mild steel(MS). wall fixing panel made up of (pre laminated particle board ) standard size 18mm. our wall panel is made by aluminium extrusion and makes your walls different. This panels fixed with walls permanently. Wall fixing panel is ideal for any display purpose. you can create shelves,hanging rail combos fixed in to wall with accessories as per your needs. Mostly use for garmentshops, mobile shops, pharmacy.


                            Slat wall accessories give you the ability to create your own unique display. With so many types of hardware to choose from, you can easily transform the look of your store within minutes, with minimal effort and without having to invest additional money into new fixtures. Choose from  wall hooks,water fall arm,stepped arm,cross bars and shelves.  These accessories are easy to install - just hook them right into your wall panel grooves and you're done!


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