Gondola accessories are manufactures by MDF (Medium density fiber board), MS-mild steel(powder coated), SS-stainless steel, slat wall aluminium panel to insert accessories with laminated finish and glass shelf. Inspace store have a lot of choices in product of gondolas with shelve units. our gondola's are quality built units designed to give you years of use. It gives you maximum display possibilities for your floor space. gondola's gives you an elegant style to display your products, glass shelf gives you classic finish.

We have colour choices on MDF board they are black, white, red, wall nut, teak exotica, white cedar...mostly used for garments retail show rooms, apparels, hanging cum shelving gondola for ready made clothing shops, foot wear shops. There are different style of gondola shelves which have acquired popularity among numerous individuals at this present time.

Aside from that, there are numerous benefits which can be acquired from them. First and foremost, you have the chance of taking the benefit from gondola shelves for the reason that they can display double quantity of merchandise in your shop compared with the other type of fixtures. Aside from that, the convenience store shelving have the ability of standing on their own as well as which you can make them as your  Cloth display  stand in your store at the same time the guide for the arrangement of the other displays available.



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